Homemade Tacos Recipe (Taco bell copycat)

Homemade Tacos Recipe (Taco bell copycat)

Homemade Tacos recipe

Homemade Tacos recipe

This homemade tacos recipe is full of flavours and really delicious. Fresh tacos with cripsy tortilla and cheesy inside are just great for your family get-together, and if you ask me, it’s even better than the original Taco Bell.

  • Prep Time20 min
  • Cook Time45 min
  • Total Time1 hr 5 min
  • Serving Size4
  • Energy230 cal
  • Cuisine
    • American
    • Indian
    • Mexican
  • Course
  • Cooking Method


  • Ground beef 2lb / 1kg
  • Cheese (shredded)
  • Cheddar (shredded)
  • Cheese sauce
  • White onions (diced) 2
  • Red onion (diced) 1
  • Red/Green/Yellow bell peppers 3
  • Garlic (diced) 2
  • Tomatoes (diced) 2
  • Paprika powder 1

Let's start

Homemade Tacos Recipe


First, add few drops of oil in a frying pan, than add 2 diced white onions. (stir for couple of minutes)


Next, add 2 lb (1 kg) of ground beef and stir.


Now add the paprika powder, salt & pepper and then stir well.


When the beef starts to get a brownish color add the diced garlic and keep stiring.


Now dice the 2 tomatoes, red onion and the red, green, yellow bell peppers.

Let's prepare the homemade tacos


On a tortilla, spread guacamole, then add the beef, cheese sauce, diced red onion, diced tomatoes, diced bell peppers, shredded cheese and cheddar and beef again. (wrap it as shown in the video and do the same for the other tacos)


Next, cook them in a frying pan for couple of minutes on each side.


These tacos looks delicious isn’t it? Bon appetit!

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